Thursday, September 7, 2017

not a know-it-all

A couple of weeks ago I listened to a webcast from our church. We had missed the first sermon of the new series and I wanted to catch up. The pastor talked about being curious as Christians and discussed a number of benefits of having this curious perspective as well as evidence of curious people in the Bible who learned more about God by being curious. (I know, I used the word "curious" 4 times in that sentence. Oh well.)

While I listened to his sermon, I had one of those Ah-ha moments. You know, one of those life perspective changing realizations. I probably knew it all along but had never had a resolution like I did during this sermon. Those kinds of moments really stick with me. And this particular realization gave me such relief, I'm pretty sure I heaved a big ol' sigh.

Here's the thing about being curious: it means that we don't understand everything. We don't get everything yet. As in: the Bible, life, other people, God, and knowing how all that mashes together cohesively without any wrinkles. It doesn't for me. I struggle with many issues concerning the world and God. Not with God so much (although He is definitely a super cool mystery on so many levels for me), but more so with this world and how it works and how God deals with it all. Seems like a lot of garbage to wade through!

But you know what?! I don't have to wade through it all!! I don't have to have all the answers. Which is a good thing because I definitely don't have them. If I did, well, that'd make me pretty much like God and I certainly don't want that job. I'm way beyond far from being qualified for that one!

Now, I don't think this gives me reason to be a blissfully, ignorant person (although sometimes that sounds wonderful!). But I can acknowledge that I don't have the answers which will hopefully prompt me to do some scriptural research, soul searching, and praying to find out which way God is directing me. He's pretty good about offering me peace when He gets me where He wants me to be on a subject.

Ok. I'm done on that subject.
It's after midnight and my brain said good-night about 2  hours ago.
I should have probably done the same...


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