Monday, November 28, 2016

aging with grace

You know what stinks about getting older? (Not that I'm old, by any means: 25 is a great age to be😁) I think what really blows is that as I get older and wiser, I realize just how far from good and perfect I am. You would think that I would learn from my past and that I would become smarter in my decision-making skills....
Nope! Still not perfect. 

And what's worse is that I feel myself getting into a habit of pushing God away because I'm not worthy of a relationship with Someone so perfect. Why hang out with the likes of me? I make stupid choices all the time. God must constantly have his head in his hands over me. I know I do! 

And here comes the beauty, the part of this relationship that I need to be remind of every. single. hour: 


People! I cannot handle this grace! I cannot comprehend this vast and immense gift that I am so undeserved of. 
All I had to do was ask and BOOM! Grace!
I didn't earn it.
I don't deserve it.
And yet it's mine.

How do I even respond to that? This God who continues to bless me and to forgive me and to walk alongside my sorry butt (yeah, Mom, I said "butt" - sorry!) even when I think He should have left me stranded years ago.

I want to respond with better choices and to try to be perfect...but that's setting myself up for failure. 

So I respond with gratitude. 
And I live a life of joy.
Because my God loves me, despite me.


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