Tuesday, March 7, 2017

oh, Mexico...*sigh*

*Pre-blog note: I wrote this one about 3 weeks ago, on an airplane, coming home from Mexico, feeling great! Find the follow up on the bottom, which will explain while this beauty took a while to get posted...

This past week I once again experienced the incredibleness (not sure if that's a word but I'm sure I don't care) of women coming together to support each other. I am certain this world would only get better if we continue to build each other up and support and encourage each other, no matter how crazy life gets! 

(PS - this is not an anti-man post. This is just a pro-amazing-women-friends post.)

My husband and I had the opportunity to go on a fabulous vacation last week to Mexico. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Also known as "HEAVEN." Okay, not really but if you've been there, you can understand why I might feel that way. The weather was gorgeous and we were spoiled being right on the ocean, walking through nearly white sand, swimming in warm pools and eating delicioso foods. I should have gained 10 lbs!

But I didn't gain 10 lbs. Because it wasn't heaven. It was NEARLY heaven, but not during the 24 hours that I got sick and COULDN'T LEAVE MY ROOM! Talk about a raw deal, people! I lost weight...so it was kinda like heaven...kinda. You don't need any more details than that, just sayin. 

We were on vacation with 5 other couples, over half of them that I hadn't met before we met up in PV. I got along famously with these fantastic folks - lifelong friends for sure now. But let me tell you, when I got sick, after only knowing them for 1 day, those gals in the group stepped up and offered everything they could to help me. I had all the meds I needed to get me through that 24 hours and into the next few days so that I could recuperate and hang out with the crew for the remainder of our time together. 

And it wasn't just those phenomenal gals who cared for me, it was my gals from home and in my heart who were checking in on me and sympathizing from afar and encouraging me. And then my Momma, praying for me like only a mom does. ❤️ She was sending her words of wisdom from the time I told her that I was sick till I got ready to head home.

(And I have to plug my husband, even though he doesn't fall into the "woman" topic of this post - he took care of me and got me everything I needed the entire time I was sick. Go hubs!)

But women!! You are incredible people! Your hearts are beyond amazing, full of compassion. I would be lost and so lonely without the women who fill my soul and come to my rescue.
Do not underestimate yourselves, my friends!
Do not let anyone undervalue who you are, who you have been created to be!
God made women to play a crucial role, nay, many crucial roles in this world!
You are amazing.
You are necessary.
You are important.


*On returning home from this "nearly heavenly" trip, I managed to get sick for another 2 weeks off and on and let me just tell you: I do not have time for that monkey business and malarkey!! But I'll tell you this too: my gal pals came to my rescue and checked in on me and boosted my spirits all that while as well. I couldn't have survived the miserableness without the Gatorade deliveries and the positive spin on being sick: weight loss, a break from work, catching up on Netflix episodes, homeschooling from my bed in my pjs... I'm so grateful for those friends who can help me find a silver lining when I need it the most! Love you all!

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