Wednesday, April 13, 2016

it will not always be this way

This is what I have learned in my less than 40 years (and yes, I'm going to claim that as long as I can!): this valley, this season of life, the dark place, the pain, this overwhelmed feeling: it will not always be this way.

I know have not lived every terrible situation in life. There are experiences that you have had that I cannot even imagine. And perhaps my future has some extremely difficult roads ahead. 

But if there is something my past has taught me, it's that when I am at my lowest point, I know better days are coming. God has never left me down there by myself, never to come back up again to breathe. 


Because God is faithful.

When finances were tough, He provided and we learned to trust Him.
When anxiety ruled my life, He brought healing and made me a stronger woman because of it.
When I watched my dad die, I survived the grief. He never left me. 
When tragedy struck our family, and my heart was broken, He taught me how to be more like Him and to love with that broken heart.
When I struggle as a mom, He gets me off the ground and reminds me not to give up and gives me glimpses of fruit to show me that I'm doing okay.
When it seems easier to stay in bed, He pricks me with a good reason to get up and pushes me through the rest of my day.
When dreams shattered, my devastated heart allowed God to give me bigger and better dreams.

He's proved it over and over and over again: He will take me to the other side of each difficulty and I will be a stronger woman when I emerge. I will survive.

Even in the dark, I can see the glimmer of hope in my future, and it's all because of my past.


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