Friday, June 17, 2016

dangerous amusement park rides

Yesterday I took the kids plus one nephew and a niece to Santa Cruz for the afternoon. It was beautiful and the kids and I had a great time! 

Gorgeous weather!
(Obligatory feet in the sand photo).

When we were ready to go, the kids begged to ride the Sky Gliders at the BoardWalk before we left. Sky Gliders: the ride that takes you slowly in the air, high above all the rides and vendors and people with only a lap bar across your waist and your legs dangling below you. A ride that scares the living day lights outta me!!

See? Scary!!
Really, boys? You are looking over the edge?!

I hate heights. I hate them so bad that I don't even like my kids to go up high on anything. Playgrounds, trees, ladders... The thoughts that run through my head, the "what ifs" and the possible broken bones, all that is enough for me to "just say no!" People, I don't even like to look over the railing from the second floor of our two story house! 

It's not me being wimpy.
It's me being fearful.

So when my kids got super excited to ride the stupid Sky Gliders ride with my 18 year old nephew, every part of me wanted to tell them all the dangers and scariness of riding this extremely frightening ride! But I didn't.

I let my nephew take the 3 kiddos on this dumb ol' way-up-in-the-atmosphere Sky Gliders ride while I went to meet them on the other end of it. You know why? Because I refuse to project my fears onto my kids. 

I tell my kids to be careful and warn them of dangers, but I do not need to hand down my fears to my kids. They know what my fears are but they don't take them on as their own. I want them to conquer the world (so-to-speak...I'm not raising cruel dictators or anything like that) and not let any of my fears stand in their way. 

Amazingly, my children made it across on the Sky Gliders without falling out of the ride. And I, well I stayed on the ground and bought myself a new hat instead. 

Because hats don't scare me!


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