Saturday, June 4, 2016

would you rather

(Why, oh why must inspiration hit me so late at night? Doesn't inspiration know that I need to go to sleep?!)

Something incredible happened the other night. I don't know how or why, but I was astounded! ASTOUNDED!

My daughter was playing the "Would You Rather" game with her friend. It's where you ask two ridiculous questions and your friend has to pick which one they'd rather... For example: Would you rather have no sense of smell/taste or have to eat only peanut butter sandwiches for the rest of your life? Or: Would you rather have a cow sneeze on you or step in dog dookie with bare feet? Her latest one: would you rather have a giant ear for a head or a giant nose? (That is a tough one...)

So she asked her friend: Would you rather be me or my mom? After her friend answered that she'd rather be Jayne, Jayne followed by saying she'd rather be me...HER MOM!!! ASTOUNDED!!! MY DAUGHTER LIKES ME ENOUGHT TO WANT TO BE ME!!! (I'm not typing in caps to yell at you all, I'm just super excited!!) And then she proceeded with her reasons: My mom is so wise and always give good advice. She's popular on social media and people actually listen to what she says (ummm, we might have different opinions on "popular" but if that elevates me to "Somewhat Mom-Hero" in her eyes, then I'm not going to crush that image). I want to be like my mom!

This is PHENOMENAL coming from the girl who has called me a "mean mom" on more than one occasion (which is also a "win" in my book.) 

That comment that she shared right there will knock out a multitude of negative things she has done or said. It will motivate me to continue working my tail off to be a tough, but apparenty awesome mom. It will push me to continue to pray for her because it's working!! So mommas and daddys - keep trying, keep working at it, keep talking to your kids, and keep praying. 

I know I've still got a ton to learn about parenting and that it's going to get even more complicated as my girl enters the pre-teen years, but that little bit of conversation means that I'm headed in the right direction and that there is hope for future growth, so I won't give up!

Keep on keeping on, my fellow parents!!

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