Wednesday, July 27, 2016

in a tent

I'm camping. 
In 100 degree temps. 
In a tent. 
In the dirt.
With my two kids.
Without my husband.
And the bathroom feels like it is 5 miles away.

And I am trying to enjoy every minute of it.
Except the dirt.
And the heat.
And missing my guy.

It's not really all that bad. 
My family is just up the hill.
They are why we are here!
Because my family is fun.
Every single one of them.

And we eat really great food!
Except that I'm trying to be very conscientious about what is going in my face.
Which is hard.
Because we're camping.
And the snacks multiple before my very eyes.

Costco's miniature cinnamon rolls
It's It ice cream sandwiches
Gummy worms
14 flavors of Pringles
Sunflower seeds (currently eating ranch, dill pickle soon to follow)
Tortilla chips with lime
Flat bread dipped in spinach dip
Dove chocolates
Trader Joe's flax seed chips
Slim Jim beef jerky sticks
Cashews ("Please don't feed the bats cashews, they cost too much!" - yes, this was said this evening)
Pirate's Booty
Fruit snacks
And we have tapped into maybe 15% of our snack options...

So, yeah, good things (because I LOVE snacks!)

But it's hot and dirty and my kids are slobs which is evident by the half of the tent that has their dirty clothes strewn all across it despite the fact that there is a pop-up hamper in the middle of the tent. I am not in my element. I don't like living out of an ice chest for 6 days. I don't like having my clothes stick to me. I don't like climbing hills to go the bathroom. And I'm not a fan of public showers...ew. I miss my trailer: *sobbing!!* (For those of you who love tent camping: yay for you!! I do not love it and I am not ashamed of that.)

But I am doing this for two very good reasons. One of them is currently sleeping on my left and the other is sleeping on my right. My 2 kids are having a blast! They could care less about the dirt and the heat. They are running all over tarnation with their cousins (although they are missing the ones who couldn't make it this year) and they are eating all the junk and they are playing games with their aunties and uncles and grandma. 

I will put up with dirt and heat and tent camping if it means that my kids will have awesome memories of this trip with me and will create great memories with their cousins, aunties, uncles, and grandma. Because those things you can't buy. 
But those things you can give. 

Happy Camper,

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