Monday, January 11, 2016


This evening around 10:00 I was watching a movie with my husband and I fell asleep. This is not an unusual occurrence for me but unfortunately, instead of my body waking up after the movie and trekking the short distance up to bed so that I could plop in and fall right back asleep, my mind decided that short amount of shut-eye was more like a little nap.

The super duper side of that is that as I laid in bed with my eyes wide open, I was able to mentally outline my agenda for this week as well as add a few items to the already large to-do list. I also ordered a set of business cards, which I have been meaning to do for weeks and then I read a couple chapters from Jen Hatmaker's book: For the Love, so that I could attend a book club session at our church this week, which I had already added to my mental agenda for the week, and reading her book prompted me to write a blog post this evening which was supposed to tire me out so that I could try to plop back into bed and fall asleep. Unfortunately, I completed the entire post and apparently found some button that magically deleted the entire thing - wonderful. So here I sit, writing it all over again!

The not-so-super side of that mini nap is the fact that tomorrow morning I will try to roll out of bed in utter exhaustion and try to function through Monday with copious amounts of caffeine, which is really not much different than any other day of the week so.... welcome back, Monday!

So 2016 started out great, pretty much like 2015 ended: busy, busy, busy.

Just looking at the calendar for January has got me exhausted! But I know this is just my current season. God is constantly reminding me that where I am is just for a season. This is what God has planned for me and my family right now. And someday it will change...maybe once my kids go to college or perhaps when folks get tired of me teaching their kiddos piano lessons. (Then again, I am a bit like my mom. She's 70+ years old and she's still busy! I've never known her not to be busy. Busy: that's my future.)

We're all in our own seasons of busy. I remember the "diaper/toddler/baby gate/potty training/reading the same board book over and over again" stage. And the "pulling an all-nighter to study for a test that I'm probably going to fail anyway" college stage. And the "spending every spare minute with my father before he passes so that I don't miss a moment with him" stage. I know that "driving teenagers everywhere pretty, pretty please" stage is just around the corner.

I'll admit that I seek out moments to rest: watching an episode on Netflix, or enjoying a white mocha while I catch up on the Morning Daily Social News (also know as Facebook and Instagram). And when I wake up in the morning, I do not hop out of bed. My bed has a very soft blanket that makes it very difficult to get up in the morning, so I enjoy it and often my kids will come and snuggle with me for a bit in the morning (and I'm also not much of a morning person so taking a little while in a cozy, comfy bed to accept that it really, truly is morning is my way of coping). I cherish those moments of peace before my feet hit the carpet and I'm off and running!

Being busy is exhausting, frustrating, stressful, and can make a gal anxious. I've been all of those!
But I have chosen to see my busy life as a full life. Perspective.
My life is filled with time spent with my children and husband, filled with enjoyable moments with friends and family that I love, filled with memories, adventure, no regrets, and using the gifts that God has graciously given me. 

Busy can be crazy.
But there is value in finding the enjoyment in the fullness of your life.

Maybe when people ask how life is these days, my response will be "full" instead of "busy."
Yes, my life is full.


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