Tuesday, January 23, 2018

the list

I recently told you all about my Journey into 40 and my decision to continue to rock 39 as I work on my Forty Before 40 List. What I didn't mention to you is all that I have completed to date (in approximately 6 years. Sheesh).

So here is my Forty Before 40 List with all of its accomplishments (in red) and even more unaccomplisments (in black).

1. Perform music in some capacity (Complete! I played piano for a number of years for a local Southern Gospel group.)
2.Own a cabin with Scott (Twain Harte/Mi-Wuk, anyone?)
3.Grown a veggie garden successfully (I try every stinking year...)
4. Build a piece of furniture
5. Bake a cake and frost with fondant (I did this last year for Lincoln's birthday - not gorgeous, but done!)
6.Take up jogging consistently (I did this until I completed a half marathon and then I switched to CrossFit. Totally counts.)
7. Have a successful outlet for my crafting (I've owned two businesses, going on three, and have sold all kinds of my crafting stuff and things!) 
8.Catch up on scrapbooking (HA!!)
9. Read the Bible from beginning to end
10. Go on a cross-country trip with Scott and the kids
11. Zipline (I regret putting this one on the list)
12. Go to a ranch
13. Eat Thai food (My gal pal, Stacey, was determined to help me accomplish this when I visited her in Phoenix! It was so good!)
14. Knit or crochet a scarf (turned out to be a blanket, but that's even better!)
15. Learn to play guitar (I can play a G chord so far...)
16. Buy real cowboy boots (They were from a garage sale, but they were Ariats so it TOTALLY counts!)
17. Go to a rodeo (I hear Oakdale has one coming up in a few months...)
18. Read 5 classics (I'm nearly finished with my 3rd one so I'm getting this one done for SURE!)
19. Watch Citizen Cane (done in 2016)
20. Finish writing my Forty Before 40 List (it took me a while to get it done, okay?!)
21. Try to convince Scott to write a 40 Before 40 list (ours are vastly different)
22. Begin hosting a neighborhood block party on a regular basis (we are well on our way to this one, eh, neighbors?)
23. Own a pair of Tom's shoes (I've now owned 3 pairs)
24. Run a 5K marathon (which I did, followed by a half - yay me! And there is no desire to run one again...)
25. Visit Napa (it was beautiful!)
26. Learn to skateboard (I have no desire to learn tricks, just how to ride and keep my balance!)
27. Be able to sponsor a child in a 3rd world country (we sponsor Dove)
28. Adopt a child
29. Go on a missions trip with Scott
30. Learn some type of formal dance (does Swing count? I think it does. Anyone wanna teach me to Swing Dance?!)
31. Find a good ladies Bible study to complete (key words being "good" and "complete")
32. Shoot a gun (thank you hubby and Barnwood Arms!)
33. Make a clock and/or lamp (it wasn't pretty and currently lives in a closet but I can mark it off the list)
34. Write and publish an ebook (I've started it...)
35. Learn the Maple Leaf Rag from beginning to end (those of you who have heard it know that I can play this song from the beginning to about the end of the first page...there are 5 pages)
36. Learn a second language well enough to hold a simple conversation (any Spanish speakers out there?!)
37. Paint a realistic painting (but of what?!)
38. Take the entire family to Canada to visit relatives (done and done again!)
39. Develop a habit of writing at least one hand-written note/card a month (send me your address, I've got to get to work on this one!!)
40. Complete my will (I'm nearly 40, people!! It's time!)       

And there you have it. Looks like 2018 could have some interesting moments in it, don't you think? Donde esta el bano? (See?! I've totally got this...)      

I'll keep you all posted on my progress. It's gonna be a good year!


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