Monday, May 16, 2016

speak the good

I know some amazing women. The things they have accomplished, the works they are doing, the incredible experiences they are having...they astound me!!

Crazy thing is, they don't really think they are that amazing. They do what they do for their families or for their careers or because that is what they are called by God to do. But they don't see anything special about the phenomenal sacrifices they make or the grand adventures they are following, or the amazing amount of life they are juggling. My friends are awesome and they don't even know it.

You know what that means? It means that they are not hearing it often enough. It means that I am not telling my friends near enough how much they inspire and motivate me.

Maybe we gals just grew up learning how to fend for ourselves in this world, trying to find our own self-confidence, not realizing that we should be building each other up instead of being self-focused. 

When's the last time you stepped back and looked in wonder at what the women around you were capable of and just how fantastic they were? Tell them. They need to hear it, I guarantee it!
(I know I've used this quote before, but I need constant reminders to speak good into the lives around me.)


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