Sunday, May 8, 2016

for the mommies

Another Mother's Day in the books. 

Even though I'm not his mother, my husband did a pretty killer job of making today a good one.

The kids, however.... *sigh*

Although it frustrated me to no end this morning to have my 10-year-old bring all focus on herself and throw the rest of the house in a tizzy thereby practically ruining my Mother's Day (just ask my husband - he was gone for about 30 minutes today and during that time, the texts he received from me put him on a fast track for home!), I realized that this whole Mother's Day thing isn't over after today. I have worked too hard for it to only be for 24 hours.

When my kids show kindness to each other = Mother's Day
When my son folds his laundry without prompting = Mother's Day
When my daughter creates a card telling me how wonderful I am = Mother's Day
When the two of them work together on a project with NO fighting = Mother's Day
When my daughter empties the dishwasher on her own accord = Mother's Day
When they both cooperate to get schoolwork complete = Mother's Day

Every day potentially holds a little something for me to grasp onto as a mom and say, "Yay! All this hard work is worth it!" 

So if your day yesterday was not super fabulous, it's ok. There a little celebrations to be found in pretty much every day. Some days you just have to search high and low for them!

Happy Mother's Day Monday! May your children keep the cereal off the floor and the gum out of their hair today. (Those small things add up!)


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