Wednesday, September 21, 2016

who I am voting for:

(Ha! Like I'm going to tell you who I am voting for?! So half of you can hate me and unfriend me? 
Ok. I don't actually know who I'm voting for...😜)

People, I have 579 friends on Facebook. I know that's not a lot compared to most of you and that's a load compared to the rest of you. The number only matters a smidge. Because if I had 50 friends or 5000 friends, my point to this post would be the same.

Those 579 people potentially see everything I post. Whether it is something I post directly onto my wall or onto someone else's wall or even a comment that I leave under someone else's post. It is public to very many people and leaving an impression on each and every one who reads my comment, or my status, or sees my photos.

So I am careful.

You're thinking: "Duh! You should be careful on such a public forum!"

But I mean, I am very careful.

Words express so much. They can express passion. And desire. Frustration and ignorance. Words can give an impression that you aren't meaning to give. And your words can end up creating a label for yourself that you didn't mean to create.

I have had a bad taste in my mouth because of comments that people have posted. I have picked up on relationship problems because of people's statuses. I have seen sides of people that I never would have suspected because of subject matter they have posted. Social media can be very revealing...

It's not my place to judge. I could just be reading into a lot of stuff that people are posting. However, it definitely makes me very cautious when I post because what could you being reading into on my posts?!

And maybe I just see Facebook and other such online worlds differently than most people do. I see it as a way to connect with people, to build relationships, and ultimately, if God desires, as a way for me to witness to someone. After all, that's my purpose here on this ridiculous earth: to get us all to a heaven that is perfect, right? Not this jacked up place that will never have complete peace because it is full of imperfect human beings (yes, every one of us - even  you.)

(Okay, so I can't actually get us all to a perfect heaven. As a matter of fact, I can't get anybody to heaven. I am only a seed planter. God does all the rest.) 

What I don't see Facebook as, is a place to vent all my frustrations and to try to prove that my opinion is right. I don't use it as a way to tear people down or to participate is arguments (mostly because I'm non-confrontational...😶 but also because the arguments that I read through usually seem to do very little good.)

So I'm gonna stay out of it all on Facebook and just keep posting my silly little "Here's Our Quirky Life at the Cragin Homestead" posts. Because I like relationships more than being right. And when I have that close relationship with someone, I'm not afraid to have a conversation with them about my very conservative and strong opinions. Because I know then that our relationship is strong enough to stand through differing opinions. 

Wait, did I just rant right there?! I might have just ranted right there...
Sorry, I don't usually rant.😕
Guess I'm just ready for all this political voting malarkey to be finished. 


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