Friday, January 17, 2014

establishing dominance

And back to the subject of kids...

Well cats first and then back to kids.

I have one cat who is over 11 years old.  And another who is the same size as her but is less than a year old.  If it wasn't so annoying, their relationship would be humorous!  There are daily cat fights, complete with hissing, clawing, and growling.  The younger kitten constantly chases the older, trying to establish dominance.  The older keeps fighting back, trying to maintain her place on top.  I used to try and stop this fighting but, for Pete's sake, I've got enough drama of my own to deal with!

My relationship with my daughter is very similar to that of the cats.  That strong little girl is constantly trying to establish her "Queendom" in this house.  She's seriously vying to be the dominant one around here.   But this mild-mannered Mom isn't having any of that.  Oh no!

It took a while before I realized what was going on, but there was one (apparently) very important lesson I learned in my Child Development Course that has stuck with me for many years. Children are egocentric.  They are self-focused.  In other words, they think the world revolves around them.  And that is superbly exemplified in my 8-year old daughter (at least in this house! At Grandma's house, she's almost an angel, Praise The Lord!)

So, of course, there is a valuable lesson that I have learned from all of this: I am the boss.  I am the Queen of this house. I rule over these little minions.  And it's important for them to know that!  So I remind them often.  Even though sometimes when I remind them, I sound like the Queen of Hearts: Ooooooooofffffffff with their heads!!!

And perhaps the best part is this: it is a God-ordained authority. In Ephesians 6:2, children are told to honor their father and mother.  

You know why?  Here's my thoughts on it: we are our children's earthly parents.  We are their first example of the Heavenly Father.  If they do not listen, understand, and obey the authority God has placed over them (us parents) then what makes us think our children will ever submit to God's authority?  

So help them out now: Remind them who's boss! 
(Now if I could just get a raise...)


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