Tuesday, January 14, 2014

the priority of time

It's been a few (busy) days since I've posted but it's not for lack of things to write about.  Each day my kids alone give me about 4 topics to write about!  God is constantly revealing things through them as long as I am willing to watch for those things.

No, the writing didn't happen mostly because of my order of priorities.  My biggest priority each day is to listen to what God has for me and to try to follow His prompting.  Just below that is my family: my husband, followed by my kids.  And the thing they need the most from me is time.  

When I write my to-do list (often mentally) for the day, it usually includes a variety of things that are done for my family: groceries, laundry, going to the bank, prepping meals, cleaning and straightening the house, etc.  But those things are the necessary, unseen ways that I take care of them.

This is not to say that they don't appreciate these things.  But these are not necessarily the things they yearn for the most.  No, my husband wants to sit and have a conversation with me or watch a TV show together with no interruptions.  My kids want me to read books with them or play a board game on the floor with them.  So with the short amount of time I have in my schedule with them, I try to make them my focus and the other stuff can wait until the next day. 

And sometimes I can get everyone in bed and come downstairs to write my blog.  But sometimes my need for sleep wins out. Because if I am exhausted the next day, I'm not very good for my family no matter how much caffeine I am trying to survive on!

So I guess I start writing my blog a bit earlier, maybe right after I have my iced tea!  That should be interesting...


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