Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Tonight I took turns snuggling with each child of mine until they fell asleep.  This is not a regular occurrence  around here.  We usually let our children fall asleep on their own.  (Personal parenting choice).  But tonight both kiddos were exhausted.  Neither one was whiny and when I laid down on their beds to say good night, each one threw an arm around me and pulled in real close.

So yo know what I did?  I savored those snuggles.  You know why?  Because my daughter is only 10 years await from being 18.  And my son is only 13 years away from 18.  And if you do the math, we might live to be 80 years but less than 25% of those years are spent raising our children.  

And  I'm going to take those snuggles because I'm not sure how long I'm going to keep getting them.  

I think this quote (via Pinterest) relates my sentiments quite well:

 I'm not ready for my kids to grow up.  I want to snuggle them forever!  Or at least until they are old enough to make me grand babies!  Bit that's a long way away...


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