Sunday, February 9, 2014

rainy day blues

To be quite honest with you, I am not a fan of rainy days.  

I can appreciate the need for the rain.  I think cozying up to a fire or snuggling with loved ones is a great thing on a rainy day.  My kids think umbrellas, puddles, and mud are the best!! And I'm not afraid of thunder or driving in the rain or having wet hair while I run my errands.  And I absolutely LOVE wearing rain boots!!  I truly can see the beauty of it all.

But I don't like rainy days.

To be even more specific: gloomy, overcast, dreary days.

Many years ago I discovered there was a syndrome for this: Seasonal Affective Disorder
(SAD....yes, S.A.D.)  You can do a google search and do some reading to see if you believe this is a valid disorder.  Based on my moods during gloomy weather, I do feel like it totally affects me, even though I get to wear my favorite rain boots!

Now I'm not saying I'm clinical, but I like to put names to things.  I don't like to think I'm cranky or down for no good reason.  So discovering that the weather can actually have an impact on my mood pointed me in the right direction for changing my mood.  (Because otherwise I would get depressed thinking about how I was depressed for no good reason and that would end up in a slightly deeper depression and you can probably see where this could end up!)

But putting a name to it, a reason behind it gave me the chance to change it, to fight the feeling of just being down in the dumps.

(Sheesh!  Two posts on depression in one week...not good.  But I'm good!! I promise!!)

Anyway, years back I started telling myself that I was just going to get up an deal with it.  I was going to go about my normal business and not let it stop me. And you know what?  Once I got started, my mind focused on what I was doing and I could get the gloom out of my brain!

Nowadays, the first thing I get excited about on rainy days is my rain boots. Ridiculous, I know, but they make me happy!  And fighting the gloom is much easier when you are happy to start with.


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