Monday, February 10, 2014


Just a quick thought for tonight:

As parents we want to give our kids all that we can: the newest toys, the best food, gymnastics, sports camps, the best vacations money can buy.

But today, once again, my son reminded me of the best gift we give: our time.

When my kids reminisce about the many (5 and 8) years they've lived, they talk about things that we did together.

"Mom, remember that time we made a marble track using cardboard boxes and paper towel tubes? That was fun!"

"Remember when we made homemade tortillas with our friend, Valerie, and got flour everywhere?  Those were the best tortillas!"

"Remember when you gave us art (drawing) lessons?  Can we do that again?!"

"Mom, will you play Just Dance with us?"
"Mom, can we bake something together?"
"Mom, will you build a fort with us?"
"Mom, can you play a board game with us?"

Time.  That's what they want most. That's what they will remember.


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