Sunday, December 11, 2016

waging a battle

It was a rough morning for our oldest child.
Which meant it was an extremely rough morning for us all. 

After her storm of lightning and thunder (it was bordering on being a hurricane, folks) passed, she was quiet for a bit. (Here's where the hours upon hours of intentional conversations and speaking truth and wisdom into her life are starting to bear fruit. I'm telling you, that hard work pays off!) During the quiet, she was thinking. And after the thinking for a while she said, "You're not ready for an apology yet, are you, Mom?"

(She knows that an apology, spoken at the height of my frustration will not fix anything. If there is no thought or remorse, I will not hear it.)

So she waited a little longer before speaking. And then she launched into an incredible apology. Ultimately, she told me that she doesn't know why she does what she does. She knows how she is acting isn't right but she struggles to change it. (*The incredible part is that she told me that she knew there a lot of her friends that respected me and also a lot of other people in my life who respected me, but she told me that she was my biggest fan. Come on, people!)

After she told me of her struggle of choosing right, I gave her the reason why.

There is a battle for our children's souls on a daily basis. I've prayed for their little souls as they face great big battles. But today, I handed a little more power to my girl. (When you understand the battle, then you can combat it better.) I explained that the devil is constantly at work, trying to convince her to make bad decisions. He wants her soul! But I also told her she doesn't have to fight alone. Jesus wants her soul as well and will help her and fight beside her to win.

She's no different from me. I've got a war raging inside for my soul as well. We all do.
So let's call it what it is: a battle, and then let's fight.


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