Thursday, January 12, 2017

anti-wrinkle cream

I was having a conversation with a couple of gal friends of mine a few nights ago. I told them that I didn't like how, as I got older, I was becoming more high maintenance. As a kid and teen and into adulthood I was never big on spending a lot of time or money on my make up, hair, and most of my clothing. And now I'm buying expensive shoes to wear when I exercise, awesome mascara (which is also costlier than any from Walgreens but I won't give it up for the world because when I see people now, they don't ask if I'm tired or sick!) more expensive shampoo followed by 3 or 4 different hair products, it now takes me longer to get ready because not everything I put on fits just right anymore, I have to watch what I eat and drink and make sure I'm exercising regularly, and, horror of all horrors: I started using anti-wrinkle cream this year! Being 28 sucks!! 

I gotta stop right there. 
There are a few that I'm okay with erasing. That 11 that forms between the eyebrows when I'm utterly frustrated with my kids or thoroughly confused by some technological issue on my computer. I could do without that. And the high, wavy wrinkles on the forehead that come when I'm giving my kids the hairy eyeball or raising my eyebrows in the: "What did you say to me? I didn't think so!" expression. 
But I've decided that there's a few wrinkles that'd I'd be okay with keeping.

You know the ones by the corners of your eyes that appear when you smile or laugh? And the ones by the corners of your mouth, the little lines that kids draw in when they draw a smiley face? I'll keep those. Those I've earned with laughter and smiles, they are symbols of happiness and joy in my life. They prove the good that has happened in my life. 

When I see those lines on someone else's face, it draws me to them. It tells me that they have looked for and seen the good in life. And those are the people I gravitate towards. 

A long time ago I saved this poem from Pinterest: 
"Scars of happiness." - I love that!

Okay, so I probably won't stop using my anti-wrinkle cream all together. Afterall, I just got a new one that I love from Younique (yeah, I plugged it because I LOVE it!) but I'm going to overload my "11" and my forehead wrinkles and maybe not stress so much about the crinkles around my eyes and smile.

After all, I've earned them.


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