Wednesday, January 25, 2017

gal pals

I can not even.
Not without my gal pals.

(Yeah, the grammar doesn't seem to work there, but it really does, in a weird "this generation doesn't quite fully accept grammar rules" way.)

Translation: My husband is an amazing husband, but my gal pals fill the gaps that men typically can't. And that is not, by any means, meant to put down men or the way they work, or the role they play. But there are some things in life that are managed so well by gal pals!

Now I've seen and talked to and texted a variety of my gal pals over the past few days and they all can relate, on some level, to what I am talking about. Whether chatting about the joys of motherhood (and by joys I mean everything but the joys), or the emotional and dramatic side of being female (which is often best understood by other emotional and dramatic females), or discussing how we handle our homes, our jobs, family, the people we come into contact with daily, or whatever: sometimes you just need your gal pals to listen and say the words that you need to hear. 

Sometimes you need your gal pal to send you memes or quotes to make you giggle or smile.
Sometimes you need your gal pal to send you pictures of times you spent together just to cheer your stinking bad mood up.
Sometimes you need your gal pal to remind you that you are awesome and to go conquer the world.
Sometimes you need to eat cheese with your gal pals and find things in life to laugh about.
Sometimes you need your gal pals to push you to be better and inspire you to meet goals.
Sometimes you need to talk with your gal pal on the phone about anything and everything and nothing for an hour.

Friends are priceless. Maybe you're the type of person who only needs one friend or you're the type who just can't help befriending anyone you come into contact with. It doesn't matter. That friend, those friends are truly a gift from God.

I can survive a lot of storms in this life because God made me a strong woman.
But I survive a whole lot better because of the friends He surrounded me with. 

Shout out to my gal pals! 
Y'all know who you are!

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