Tuesday, January 17, 2017

my gal, Sheroba

One of my most favorite things to do is take pictures with my gal, Sheroba. She is capable of capturing so much of who I am, who my kids are, and my family's personality in her photographs. That takes talent and know-how, both of which she has.

Every time she takes my headshots, I just have to share my favorites. So here you go!

I might be serious,
or perturbed about the fact that my hair just didn't hold...


Yeah, it wouldn't be a complete photoshoot
without one of these pics.

Awe, look: cute

Awe, look: dorky

You had better take me seriously, I'm just sayin.

Oh, what is that over there?

Okay, I don't know why, but this one needed to be included.
I think it's because I just didn't know she was capturing me.

Fav! And the best shots are usually
because we're laughing about something together!
(I'm not going to tell you what we were laughing about for this one!)

Ummm. I really just like this handkerchief/shawl
thingy that I bought recently.

Swinging is hard.

I mean look at this: she makes a blank wall the perfect background.
She's phenomenal.

I believe in sharing my friends' talents so go check her out on facebook.
Love you, Sheroba!!


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