Friday, August 19, 2016

bucking the stigma

This is the first time I think I've written about this subject, but it probably won't be the last.

My husband doesn't fit the stereotypical role of dad/husband in the family like so many people think men do. 

He isn't my 3rd child. The things I do for him are because I want to care for him, not because he demands it or acts like he can't do stuff for himself. And that goes both ways in our family. He does things for me because he cares about my sanity. (He helps with laundry, washing the dishes, and making food, and almost all the grocery shopping, to name a few. Swoon, ladies, swoon!)

He isn't a wuss when he gets sick. I don't need to coddle him like a child. He handles his own illnesses, aches, and pains; although I offer to take care of him, again, because I care about him.

My husband doesn't "babysit" our children. If I go away for an evening, he plays the role of dad, which he had been doing the entire time I was there to begin with! It doesn't change because I left. He's still Dad, just like he was when I was home! He handles them kiddos like he's their involved father, BECAUSE HE IS!!

My husband uses a map.
He reads instructions.
He is involved in his children's education, asking about their strengths and weaknesses and seeking out solutions for their weaknesses.
He is the primary emergency care giver.
And he is so much more.

And if my kids ever make it to the Olympics, they will thank their Mom AND Dad.

I will stand up for my man because he works HARD to be a good husband and dad and all those stigmas do men like him a disservice. 

That's all...for now.


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