Tuesday, August 23, 2016

for reals

I love Instagram filters. I can make an average picture look gorgeous just by changing the filter. I can brighten up a drab picture or focus in on the good, editing out the bad. And Snapchat filters are even better! Goodness, I didn't know I could be so perfect until I used Snapchat filters! 

That's all good and fun, but it's not reality!! 

Reality isn't gorgeous. Reality isn't close to perfect. Reality doesn't have a filter that makes my skin flawless and puts a butterfly crown on my head. 

Reality is crying out of frustration as a parent.
Reality is dealing with my shortcomings as a wife.
Reality is the mess hidden underneath the bed or behind the couch or in the closet.
Reality is the bag of Munchies I finished off today. (SO GOOD THOUGH!)
Reality is the pile of stuff just out of the Instagram post of perfect home decor.
Reality is the strained relationship with a friend or family member.
Reality is exhaustion and fatigue, stress and anxiety, worry and concern.

But reality is also full of hope.
Today I had texts of encouragement.
Today I was reminded that I have amazing friends.
Today my sister-in-law brought us dinner (people, I cannot even tell you how this made my day!! It was so good and I was blessed!!)
Today God never left my side.
Today His grace is the reason I survived today. 

I am #survivingbythegraceofGod every day. 


PS - I write because I feel God's call. I write because He's got a purpose for these words. My little self wants to keep this blog to just a few followers, but it's not really up to me, right? So I'll put this out there and let God do what He wants: please feel free to share my blog at anytime with anyone. 

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