Tuesday, August 16, 2016

waking up is hard

I'm not a fan of mornings. And mornings don't like me very much either.  My bed really likes me. You can see my problem here? I don't want to get up in the morning. 

Tomorrow I start my second job: homeschooling (first job being Head Lady on Campus). Tomorrow things get real again. I set standards for my kids in the morning so I've got to reach those standards myself. If I don't, everything starts to crumble and chaos begins and it's just so tough to reign in the monkeys once they are let loose!! 

In other words: I have to get out of bed. 

No matter how I feel about the upcoming day. No matter what kind of mood I wake up in. No matter how late I went to bed the night before. No matter how crazy the kids already sound before my feet hit the floor. I have to get up.

So I give myself a pep talk before I even get out of bed. 

1. I have lots of good reasons to get out of bed: kids, breakfast (I like breakfast best of all meals), Starbucks (I won't deny that I use Sbux as a reward most mornings for making it halfway through the morning), a home that runs because I'm in it, my cat waiting outside my door for some lovin'. Whatever it is, I find a reason to get up!
2. I have a purpose for getting up. I don't always know what it is, but I know that I have a purpose. It might be something as simple as getting laundry done, or meeting with a friend who needs encouragement (which usually leaves me feeling encouraged), or teaching my children. It doesn't matter what it is, I just have to believe that I have a purpose in the world and if I stay in bed, I'll never achieve that purpose.

3. And if I don't believe in myself and my purpose in life, I can always fall back on the knowledge that lives within my heart and soul: God has a purpose for me to get up out of bed and live today. I don't have to know that purpose, I just have to trust in the God who created me, that He made me for a purpose and I will get up and live because of that.

So recap on the morning pep talk (because school starts early tomorrow!)
1. Lots of good reasons to get up.
2. I have a purpose today.
3. God's got am even better purpose for me today.

We've got this, people! Gooooo team! 


(I'm curious: when do you wake up?)

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