Sunday, August 28, 2016

3 things you should never tell God:

1. "I can't."
Every time He heard this, God must just think: "Ha! Let me just show you how much you CAN!!" and then ups the stakes (not that God is by any means a gambling God) by tenfold.  You know why? Because you CAN'T!! Unless you have His purpose and power behind you, then you absolutely CAN TENFOLD!! And even though we forget it, He doesn't. When we tell Him we can't, He tells us that we don't have to because He's got this and we are just His vessels for carrying out His will. 
So there: you CAN!!

2. "Please teach me to have patience."
Quite possible the stupidest thing I asked for. 
Do you know what it takes to acquire patience?? So many impatience-inducing people and situations!! There's a reason that one of "patience's" synonyms is "long-suffering." 
But I'll tell you what: it works! I'm not perfectly patient, but I can suffer a lot longer than I could 10, almost 11 years ago!

3. "Use me."
Oh no. Do not utter these words unless you MEAN them! Because God will begin to poke and prod you to do and say things that you never before had the courage to do and say and since you told Him to use you, you've got to listen to that voice telling you that this is what God is pushing you to do. You might be scared, but OH! the places you will go and the people you will meet and the things you will do all because you gave yourself over to be used by God. 

So just beware of what you say to God. He might just end up doing some amazing things in your life, if you're not careful...


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