Thursday, August 18, 2016

the devil's plans

All I'm saying, people, is after yesterday's post, there was a serious LACK OF FRUIT today from one particular child of mine!! I almost quit my "Mom job" before we even started school this morning. Just ask my husband: he got the texts and phone calls today as I was near tears and wanted to scream unkind things at the top of my lungs.

There was a serious exercise in self-control on my part today: super proud of me.

But I am telling you: there was a BATTLE going on in our home today. Snide words, selfishness, disrespect, ungratefulness, battle axes, bow and arrows: it was ALL there.

And I did not come out unscathed. Wounds and healing and scars and AUGH!

And then it hit me this afternoon. I am not waging a war with my child. I am waging a war with the stinking devil himself.

I am listening to God and striving to follow His call on my life as a mom. And that devil guy knows it and he is fighting me tooth and nail. 

And that is how I know that we are going in the right direction: the devil wages a war. 

And somehow, knowing that, I can now face tomorrow's battles with confidence. My great big God is on my side and we will fight for the souls of my children. Because those souls are precious.
Tomorrow morning, I will roll out of bed and roar!!! Because I am ready for battle.


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