Wednesday, July 9, 2014

best vacation: camping

I'm camping. 
Not roughing it. I don't do that. We've got a comfy lil trailer and it's filled with food and drinks. It's got a bathroom and clean towels as well as running water (hot water) and there is even wifi here. 
Not roughing it...

And this time I get the bed all to myself! Although I miss my hubby being here with me. 😢. 

Camping is great. Kids are outdoors, getting dirty, getting injured, (getting exhausted!) and I am sitting around with my family eating way too much food and playing games with the nieces and nephews. Breakfast always has eggs and bacon and Mom always has a fresh pot of coffee going. We have good conversations and laugh a lot. We go on walks and play catch with the kids (frisbee, football, baseball, whatever they want to play). We read books, take naps in the sun, and simply enjoy God's creation.

All that is great. 

But my favorite part about camping is leaving everything else back at home. There is always a to-do list at home. Routines, chores, schedules, responsibilities. It never ends. Even getting the three of us ready to go today was stressful! But I knew once we arrived, all would be good. 

Because as much as I love my home and the life we live there, sometimes it gets crazy and ridiculously busy. Getting away gives me a rest so I can jump whole-heartedly back into the craziness. Even if I do smell like a campfire.


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