Tuesday, July 8, 2014

future worry

I realized over that past few months that something great changed within me. I'm not sure when it happened, but I guess I'm just realizing it now! 

I used to stress terribly about the unknown, the future, about things completely out of my control. I mean, it consumed me. Doctors appointments, getting poked with needles, sick children, traveling anywhere, meeting new people, going somewhere by myself, big tests, job interviews...you name it, I could figure out some way to worry about it. 

I will tell you from experience, that is a terrible way to live! There was never any relaxing. I was always thinking of the next thing to stress about. I had to come up with every worst case scenario and plan for each one so that I would be prepared to handle whatever came my way. Talk about no fun! 

I'll admit, every once in a while a worry will still nag me and not leave. And there are some big things in life that can be consuming. 

But I no longer sweat the small stuff. 

I'm guessing it's been about 7 years ago when I really realized just how much was out of my control. And how much it was all in God's control.  When I looked back at all I had been through in my life and how He had handled everything with His mercy and grace, I had to start handing over my worries and my cares. 

Now my thought is this: He's carried me this far, so I have no reason to doubt that He'll keep carrying me now.

Which reminds me of a funny cartoon I saw on Pinterest:
That is the truth, I tell ya!!

Share with me your favorite verse about Jesus taking care of your worries. I have had multiple verses pop into my head as I wrote this!


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