Friday, March 7, 2014

little girls should be little girls

My daughter is 8 years old, going on 17. You can imagine what that is like!  She wants to borrow my dangly earrings. She wants to try on my make up. Buy high-heeled shoes. Listen to mature music and wear mature clothing.  She wants to do things her way and by herself. And the attitude!!

She is trying to grow up so fast!

She wonders why I fight her on so many if these things. What's the big deal?  

The big deal is this: she has years to be older, but only few years to be a little kid. 

So we don't let her watch teen movies, and we are cautious about what music she listens to.  We are strict about the clothing she wears. We encourage her to play and discourage her interest in teen and even pre-teen activities.  When she pretends to be a cat or plays on the mud puddles, we enjoy it because she's being a kid.  

Life begins hurry up in high school.  Responsibilities start to pile up in your 20's.  And you just keep getting older till you die.  (Golly, that got morbid fast!) There are great joys in getting older but being a kid only comes in glimpses when you drive your truck through a big puddle or when your hubby tickles you or when you play pretend with your kids or you do a cannonball in the pool! 

Don't let those kids grow up any faster than they have to.  Being an adult is hard work. 


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