Saturday, April 26, 2014


Life is rough; you know that? It hits us hard from all different sides:
Difficulties in family relationships
Financial devastation
Betrayal in friendship
Death of the one you loved dearly and deeply

And that question always seems to creep up: Why? Why me? 

I'd like to tell you the answer to that question. I really would. I could tell you a bunch of things that might make you feel better about your situation. But I cannot answer "why."

But, there is an answer. Even if you don't know it or understand it, there is an answer. 

God doesn't always choose to reveal the answer to us right away. It might be revealed to us years down the road! Or, it might not ever be revealed to us on this side of heaven. 

But for me, knowing that there is an answer, a purpose for the difficulties I've endured, gives me an undercurrent of peace through any situation.


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