Tuesday, November 26, 2013

about last night...

Yesterday I subbed all day in my daughter's third grade class.  It was great!  It's been years since I have taught for an entire day.  The kids were stinkers (affectionately said), as kids often are, but I had a great time.

I came home, had no piano students, got started on prepping dinner and then went to CrossFit.  I came home and did a little of this and a little of that.  We put the kids to bed and I sat for a while messing around on my iPad.

I went upstairs to work on my blog last night while my husband and his brother watched Sportscenter (or some sport-themed show).  After my brother-in-law left, my husband came upstairs to find me pretty much passed out, half in my pjs and half in my workout clothes with my iPad on my lap. I woke up long enough to realize that it was only 9:30!  Woah!  That is early for this night owl.  

That's why there was no blog post last night!

But it also made me think, once again, of how valuable our teachers are.  

There were 24 kids in that 3rd grade class and they kept me on my toes!  I was so very excited for the half hour they went to PE.  There was no downtime the entire day.  I was correcting papers and working with students during recesses, not wanting any "fixers" to slip through the cracks.  I only went to the teachers' lounge long enough to use the bathroom.  I ate my snack and lunch in the classroom (and drank my iced tea and frappe because you know I needed a bit of extra energy!)  And I didn't have to prep anything or take work home like the real teachers do! 

And I passed out before 9:30.


So here's a friendly reminder: if your child's teacher is awesome, let them know it.  I'm sure the encouragement is appreciated!  If you are not sure about your child's teacher, open up lines of communication (if meeting face to face is intimidating, start with an email).  You might discover some truly amazing perspectives from these teachers who have taught for years.  (Or maybe you did get a bad apple and this is a good opportunity to teach your child how to get along with people who are tough to get along with - yikes!). But the communication works both ways: you might be able to give them insight into your child as well that will end up benefitting him or her in the classroom.

These past couple of days were great reminders of how much I loved teaching. But I will tell you this: I'm glad this was a two-day week!

Tonight I pushed through to stay up a bit later and get this post finished.  It helps to know that I can sleep in tomorrow!


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