Sunday, November 17, 2013

not one of us is perfect, not one

I can't remember a time when I was perfect. Not even a day. And by perfect I mean attaining all that I wanted to be physically.  

In Jr. High I was trying to grow out my bangs. Y'all remember what that looks like, don't ya? There was no creativity on my part to hide the in-between stages. And I was trying to figure out how to have straight hair when my hair was naturally wavy.  The learning curve there was pretty steep.  Mind you, I had no older sisters to look to for guidance.  Try figuring that out on your own!

In high school the one thing that sticks out the most to me was my knees, my ugly knobby knees. I was a stick with knobby knees.  Yep, the only curve I had to my body was my knees. (That's pretty funny...well it is now, wasn't then!)

College: a time to blossom!   Nope.  Still a skinny stick.  But I did meet a guy who saw my potential to grow into a woman.  So I guess that was a bonus!

Wedding day: felt perfect. Except for the zit that began to pop out on my forehead.  (Seriously?)  Fortunately a friend and bridesmaid was an incredible make up artist and covered all blemishes making me feel beautiful! 

Pregnancy. Who am I kidding?! Said good-bye to whatever figure I had, not knowing it would be good-bye forever!!  (On the plus side I ended up with 2 kids so I guess that's good.)  

And then 30.  My body decided that it didn't want to cooperate with me anymore.  Eat right? Exercise?  Sheesh, such hard work and discipline!  And I know it's going to get a little harder each year from here on out.  And I've still got 60+ years to live! 

So, guess what.  This body of mine is not perfect. Never has been, never will be. 

And when I look around I know that there is not one person in this world who has been created perfectly.  Sure, physically some women look perfect, but I promise that they are not perfect because who they are runs so much deeper than how they look. 

So don't be fooled. Don't let that envy settle in too deep.  The people around us are so much more than just how they look.  Sometimes all they have to do is open their mouth to speak and you'll hear the imperfections tumbling out.  Sometimes you just have to watch for a bit to see what their actions say about them.  Sometimes you never see the imperfections because they are hidden and are secret or happen behind closed doors. 

Biggest thing I'm taking from today's post (yes, I learn stuff from my own writings because they are pretty much my own day-to-day struggles that God is working on with me) is that there is no one who is perfect, not one, even if they seem to be: they're not.


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