Friday, November 29, 2013

enjoying less stress

So maybe I'm just growing up or maybe it's been a good year, but the last couple of major holidays haven't stressed me out!  Usually I'm stressed about the food being ready on time. I get too worried about things being just right. I see it all as work, not enjoyment.

This Thanksgiving morning was a good morning. I was responsible for a few different items (not drinks, dinner rolls, and plastic eating utensils, although sometimes I wish...) for our family dinner.  I have a few recipes that I like to make because I think they are tasty and my husband likes them also: homemade cranberry sauce, corn casserole (corn has never tasted so good), and stuffing (okay, I'm not sure my husband likes stuffing, but he always tries it for me because he's such a good sport). Oh! And I made a ham which was difficult: put it in the oven and take it out two hours later.

But my point is this: these recipes take prep, time, and effort which can sometimes lead to stress!  But this year it was enjoyable.

The cranberry sauce made the house smell so good.  The stuffing with the mushrooms, celery, water chestnuts, and apples was my favorite, again.  And the corn casserole has bacon in it.  I really don't think I need to say anymore about it.  And I discussed the level of difficulty the ham took already.

But here's what I learned that maybe finally sunk in: 
1.) (this one my husband's been telling me for years) It's okay if it's not perfect.  Just do your best.  If people don't like it, too bad for them!
2.) (another from my husband because he's good at helping me keep things in perspective) If we aren't on time, it's okay.  We'll get there when we get there.  Just do what you can do.  (It's not that being on time isn't important to us - we try really hard and are usually pretty successful at being where we need to be on time.  He just knows that sometimes I focus so much on being on time that I lose the enjoyment of what I am doing.) 
3. (this one's mine) Find enjoyment in what I am doing.  I think sometimes we put so much pressure on being "someone" (you know: that someone who always looks her best or cooks the best or is the best) that we forget to enjoy ourselves in the process.  This morning I put on my pretty little pink apron and I enjoyed myself.  I even had time to make a batch of fudge!  Which seemed like a good idea at the time.  Now I'm not so sure the temptation was worth it!

Anyway, as my husband has been trying for years to teach me, quit putting so much pressure on yourself!  Do what you can do and find enjoyment in it.  

Happy Thanksgiving, all!
(Nuts. By the time I post this, it'll be Friday.)


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