Tuesday, November 5, 2013

and on the lighter side

Today I was chatting with a mom and I was once again reminded of just how interesting and neat people are! She has such knowledge and understanding of food and nutrition and health and food allergies and supplements and natural remedies and so much more.  Honestly, I could sit and listen to her talk about it all for two days just trying to soak it all in! And she was so modest about all she knew.  She is fascinating.

And I have met many fascinating people in my lifetime.  I might not be able to tell you about my great feats, but I have a friend who is an Ironman Triathalete.  I know a gal who travels up and down the West Coast promoting Gospel concerts.  Another friend of mine knows so much about horses, sometimes it seems like she's speaking another language.  I have friends living in other countries and others who have moved here from other countries. Their stories are so interesting. 

I could go on and on about the people I have met and known in my (short - yes, I'm feeling young tonight) lifetime but I'll get to my point instead.  You ever look at someone and just decide right away that you'll probably never be friends? Or even acquaintances?  You know, judge a book by its cover? Nah, me neither... But I used to. 

God made each of us unique with different strengths, experiences, lifestyles, and ideas.  And I think it's pretty awesome.  You know why?  Because knowing each of you as made my life richer. 

So go be you because you are quite fascinating. 

And then go meet someone new, because they are probably pretty fascinating too.


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