Sunday, November 17, 2013


A little something extra today because I just got a CD with a bunch of potential head shot pictures, hence the new profile picture for my blog (which my brother thinks is a funny word: "blog - something you might try to spit up," he says.  Gross.  He's a boy.  They don't grow up.)

Anyway, I'm so very excited and have to share just a few of the pictures because my friend, Sheroba is incredible.  She captured a bunch of the real me:

 And my personal favorite:

Okay.  I had some fun.  I always do when a camera is pointed at me!  
Why be just smiley the whole time?  That's not me.
But I did take some time to be more serious and these are a couple of my favorites:
 Did I ever mention that I wanted to be a model in my naive years?  
That's a story for another blog post.

Today we had the chance to take family photos with Sheroba.  I cannot wait to see how they turned out!  I will share them as soon as I can!!

Please go see her work by clicking on her name - it should be linked up to her facebook page. 
Beautiful, just beautiful...

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