Tuesday, November 19, 2013

time and kids

I had a conversation today (many of my blogs start that way, don't they?) with my sister-in-law, Dawn, via text. We get pretty in-depth in our texting conversations!  Through our conversation she reminded me of a very important thing. 

She told me of a conversation she had years before with a lady.  It was one of those "stick in your mind" conversations (those are the most valuable conversations).  She only met this lady once but Dawn determined that God had put her in Dawn's life to tell her something she needed to hear.  (He's cool like that, ya know?) 

The lady had decided not to work full-time because she wanted to spend the time with her kids instead of earning more money. (Now before anyone gets up in arms, this post is not a conversation about stay-at-home moms vs working moms.  Please read on).

This lady had watched her sister who was in her 30's die of cancer without the chance to see her children grow up. This affected her so greatly that she decided not to work full-time so she could spend the time with her kids now because someday she might not have the choice to be able to do so. 

This story struck me. And I've been pondering it ever since and it will be something I will be thinking through for months as we make decisions regarding jobs and children. (Didn't know your story would affect me so much, did you, Dawn?!)  

I'm busy.  And I tell myself that I can handle it. I can, decently.  Not excellently, but decently.  But is it too much?  Are my kids missing out?  I think what hit me the most was thinking about the future.  I need to invest time in them now because someday they will grow up.  And I don't want to regret anything. (I'm pretty sure that's going to be impossible.  I regret stuff every day! But I don't want to regret missing out on stuff with them). 

There's so much to do with them. So many conversations to have. So much to teach them.  Am I bypassing potentially important things because I am too busy?

Time to make more conscientious choices with my time.  Time to determine what stays and what goes.  Time to bring my focus more sharply to my family. 


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