Monday, November 18, 2013

simple joy

Today was a busy day.  I crammed a whole bunch of stuff into my day, which isn't unusual, but keeps me constantly on the go. I had about 10 minutes to eat my lunch before my piano students would arrive.  They start at 2:15 so that tells you how late my lunch was.  After a healthy lunch (well, okay, it wasn't fully healthy, but the cheese and chicken on my nachos have to count for some good!),  I was scooping a spoonful of homemade chocolate almond butter (seriously amazing butter that my friend Chrissy makes) out of a jar to savor, followed by about 3 or 4 more scoops when a thought hit me: 

In the busy-ness of my life, I need to make sure that I am taking time to enjoy the simple pleasures that each day offers, otherwise I will miss so much!  So I started paying attention and appreciating...

Listening to my husband laugh as he reads and shares something funny from the web.

Adding chocolate chips to my pumpkin muffins (because apparently I don't think muffins should be healthy).

The smell of the new hand soap by the kitchen sink.  It's not fancy or expensive because I only get fancy and expensive soaps as gifts from other people.  But it smelled great nonetheless.

A brownie with a Reese's PB cup sunk into the middle of it, brought over by a friend who was thoughtful enough to think I might like it (thank you, Julie - so delicious!!)

Listening to my piano students as they learn their Christmas recital pieces - they are so excited!

The random hugs my son gives me as he walks by.  This happens all the time. He just likes to hug.  I'm a lucky mom.

Sharing inside jokes with a friend. 

Reaching a PR in my Deadlift (I know, I know - not everybody likes CrossFit but it was an awesome moment for me!)

Super sweet strawberries even in the middle of November!

The sprinkle of freckles across my sleeping daughter's face - beautiful.

So maybe tomorrow morning I should start looking right away for the simple things that just make my day or make me smile, because sometimes those little pleasures are the brightest moments in my day.


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