Thursday, November 7, 2013

"seemingly perfect"

So yesterday I wrote about the "seemingly perfect" women out there.  The ones who have their hair done beautifully every day.  The ones whose homes are clean and decorated fabulously.  Those moms who have their kids involved in a bunch of different activities and are never late to one!  I'm gonna be honest with you right now: those women really do exist, but do note the "seemingly" part - I've been told that no one is perfect.  Although I think I know a couple of women who might be...

I know a gal whose house IS always clean, even if you come by unannounced!  But you know what?  She likes to clean, yes, enjoys it. 

I have another friend who always brings the best appetizers and desserts to our parties and events. She's a Pampered Chef consultant so she practices being awesome at cooking and baking and makes it look effortless. 

And then there's the mom who throws the most memorable play dates.  Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. She takes that Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar book and has about 25 different related activities for the kids to do. It is her gift, she's good at it and she loves it. 

The mom who's got her kids involved in a bunch of different activities?  She's organized.  And she cares about what her kids enjoy and makes it her passion.  And she's organized.

I've got a group of mom friends who go jogging very early in the morning and train for half marathons and full marathons.  Seriously.  And they look fantastic.  But that is their passion.  They love it! 

And then the woman who has such great understanding of the Word, who can recite the right scripture at just the right time.  But you know what?  There have been a great many experiences in her life that have led her to the Bible over and over again.  And it is a part of her everyday life.  She immerses herself in it because it blesses her.

There are a lot of women who do amazing things.  I decided that I can either be jealous of their "perfections" and let it be a separation in our friendships or I can look up to them for inspiration.  Who you choose to surround yourself with makes a big impact on your life. 

I love the women in my life.  They are motivational.  They are encouraging.  They make me want to stop making excuses and be a better me (not a better imitation of them, a better me).

Proverbs 27:17 Iron sharpens iron, and one (wo)man sharpens another.


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  1. I too have friends who seem to be perfect. Thanks for the reminder to be who we are-- who God calls us to be-- without the excuses.