Thursday, November 21, 2013

you can't do anything about it

You ever look at something in your life, hoping it will change but never believing it actually will?  It's something you wish could be out of your life forever.  Something that you have struggled with for years that just won't go away. Something you have resigned yourself to live with forever.  

A physical ailment.  A mental or emotional issue that seems to control your day-to-day life.  Baggage that you cannot seem to leave behind.  An addiction (I'll freely admit to a caffeine addiction).  A financial hole you can't dig out of.  A person in your life who brings you down, you know, like your mother-in-law... (I can say that because my mother-in-law will never read my blog. But I will admit, my mother-in-law does not fit the typical definition of "mother-in-law."  She's pretty wonderful.  But I'll get back to the subject at hand because I'm not even going to win any brownie points here).  

I've had a few of those.  Things I had given up hope on.  But a while back I heard a sermon and the only thing I can remember from it is this (It's not that I wasn't listening to the rest. I took notes!  This is just what stuck out to me):

God is bigger than our limitations. He can do the Impossible. Don't put it past God.

So you can't change it. But God is so much bigger and better than you!! (Sorry, but someone had to let you know.) He's smarter, He knows the future, He knows what's best for you because He knows you better than you know yourself! 

And He has his own way of accomplishing His plan for you.  In His time and in His direction.  

The worst thing you could do is limit Him.  If you limit God, you destroy hope.

And I, for one, can't live without hope.


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