Monday, November 4, 2013

the blame game

Maybe I'm not in much of a position to write about this topic.  But then again, maybe I am.  How often do you look at who you have become and blame someone else for the negative parts of who you are?  You know, the imperfect parts of your body that you genetically inherited from your parents, the fact that you never excelled in anything because your brother always made fun of you, your lack of confidence because you were always criticized by your dad, how you work so much and never see your family because you never had money as a kid, or the opposite: you have terrible spending habits because of the examples you had in your life.  There are a million things about ourselves that we can blame someone else for!

I know some people who are like that.  I understand it.  Sometimes there are scars that are built up that are difficult to get past.  You've been this way for so long but it's because someone else treated you terribly some years back and you can't get over it. Someone's cruel words stuck and you can't shake them. There are lots of reasons (excuses) to keep living the way you are living.

Here's my thought:  what someone else did you to will continue to control you until you decide to change it.  You can wallow in it and allow it to keep shaping who you are.  Blame someone else, that's the easy thing to do.  It gives you an excuse to keep being who you are and not change your habits.

OR you can decide to change and be who YOU want to be.  Or even better: who God has created you to be!

Today's challenge (or tomorrow's depending on when you read this): Dig down deep, figure out what part of yourself you are blaming on someone else, quit blaming them and make the decision to change!  It might take a while.  It might mean some major changes in your life.  But isn't it worth it?


p.s.  I have seen some amazing things happen to people who step up and take control of their lives, including my own.  You should try it.

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