Saturday, June 21, 2014

taking the non-guilty break

My to-do list is a mile or two long. Once I cross something off, I add two more things to the bottom of it. It's never-ending. I don't "leave" my job or take the weekend off from it. I'm not complaining. This whole Mom/housewife thing is rewarding and I don't really want to take time away from it. (Except once in a while...)

So today I took a Saturday. This morning I sat outside on the back patio and enjoyed the breeze on this warm (not hot) day. And then later in the afternoon, I did the same thing! I sat and did nothing.  Later I took the kids to the mall (we never go to the mall - it was actually enjoyable!)  When I got home, my hubby grilled hot dogs and we sat on the back patio for dinner on paper plates that I could throw away and not wash! My favorite. 

I chatted with a friend about how I hadn't done much all day and this friend simply told me, "Sometimes you gotta do that, you know?" And I thought: that is the truth. Every once in a while it's okay to give yourself a break from the to-do list. Because that list weighs a lot. And you know what else? That list is still going to be there the next day!

But I have to be honest: tomorrow is Sunday and I take every Sunday off!! Sundays are a gift that God gave for us to have as rest. To take a break and not feel guilty about it. If I have laundry waiting to be folded in the dryer, I don't feel bad about leaving it in there to be folded on Monday...gotta run the dryer again to get the wrinkles out, but that's okay. And the cereal crumbs all over the rug can stay there an extra day. Makes things a little crunchy beneath the feet... 

So this week, I did take the weekend off, and I am enjoying it. I gave myself the chance to breathe and not stress. Sure, Monday's going to be a full day but when I start back in on our crazy and busy life, I can handle it knowing that a break is coming. If not on Saturday, then guaranteed on Sunday.


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