Friday, May 23, 2014

a group of insecurities

I went to a late movie tonight with a fantastic little group of gals . We laughed so much, I'm quite certain our abs will be sore tomorrow (or rather later today as I am writing this blog reeeeeeally late). The movie was funny but not quite as hilarious as our conversations!

But you know what was the best? Our serious conversation after we had laughed our tails off, where we unintentially got into a conversation about our insecurities. (Seriously, in this conversation alone we came up with about 8 different completely relatable blog topics.) 

And you know what the gals revealed to me? Perhaps one of the most important things that we as women, wives, and mothers need to realize: we are not alone in our insecurities. We might have different things that we worry about, but I'm quite certain that each woman you meet struggles with an insecurity in one way or another.

You know how we figured that out? By talking about it. By being real and honest. We created our own little trust circle and shared our hearts. And then realized: we are all insecure. 

Doesn't that make you feel better? You know that perfect mom at school who dresses to a T and always bring a the best goodie bags to the party? She's insecure about something. And that mom who drives a really nice car and has perfectly behaving children? Chances are she's got some hidden insecurities also. 

You are not alone in this. Even if you never chat with any other woman who is willing to reveal her insecurities with you, know this: I am insecure. I lack confidence. I have very apparent weaknesses. Some days I feel like I can't do anything right. Sometimes I doubt myself. You are not alone. I'm right there with you.


 And for my gals tonight: shimmy and woo-woo!

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