Tuesday, May 20, 2014


This evening I heard my son moaning from his bed. I went to check on him and he was complaining about one of his legs hurting. He experiences growing pains in his legs every once in a while. So I sat on his bed, pulled his leg onto my lap and started to gently rub the pain away. He quickly fell asleep.

As I sat there rubbing his soft little leg, I thought about the power and the value of touch. Touch gives comfort, it creates trust and brings about connection. It strengthens relationships and builds friendships.  Think of the hugs and handshakes, the high fives and hand holding. Each of those touches meant something between you and another person.

My Pa (Dad) and I had a very special relationship. I was his little girl till the day he went to heaven. Even at 28 years old, I was not ashamed to hold his hand while walking in a public place. I didn't care what anyone thought; he was my Dad. We often walked arm in arm. While he was at his sickest in the hospital, I would rub his feet in the hopes that some of my health would be transferred to him. Touch: powerful.

While walking with my two kids I will often stick out both hands with the hopes that each one will grab one and hold it. My 5 year old never fails, but my 8 year old is definitely practicing her independence (that's nothing new). But that's okay because I go check on her in the morning and if she's sleeping, I secretly snuggle up to her till she wakes up! Touch: priceless.

My family, we hug. I make my brothers hug me even if they don't want to. I hug my Mom because Dad can't do it anymore. There are a couple of other folks around town who spouses have passed and they can count on me for a hug as well. Touch: valuable.

Jesus was constantly using the power of his touch to heal and forgive. He could have just spoke the word to heal, but He didn't. He touched them. 

His touch was the ultimate gift.


Here's cutest part of my first story: after I sat and started rubbing my son's leg, he sat up for a moment and leaned over to kiss my cheek. Talk about a mother's heart melting!! 

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