Monday, May 5, 2014

the power of a guilty conscience

So apparently my daughter's guilty conscience was working overtime this evening.  In a matter of 2 hours she has confessed approximately 10 different things to either my husband or me. 

Here are a few:
"I tell my friends that my Mom is mean." (no big surprise there!)
"I said the word 'idiot' today." (If that's the worst thing that comes out of her mouth, we are fortunate parents!
"One time while doing math, I accidentally stuck my middle finger up and the kid who sits across from me saw it." (Um, well, accidents happen! Try to be careful when you count!)

There were a few more, some that I know she would disapprove if I mentioned them so those will stay under the trusted Mom hat. However, all these confessions led up to a good lesson and reminder for her.

First of all, I explained the good news: the Holy Spirit was definitely living in her heart. He was the one who was telling her heart what was right and wrong. He was the one leading her to remorse and confession. Essentially, he was being her conscience. 

Secondly, I explained the even better news: all she had to do in order to erase her "dirty chalkboard list of wrong-doings" was to confess what she had done and to ask for forgiveness. I told her that I would help her but she decided to pray it all on her own. She cried with a broken heart as she asked God to forgive her for what she had done. And then continued to pray for the salvation of a friend. 

Wow! What an example of a truly contrite little heart. (Feeling smart because I used that word just right!) As I listened to her pray, it struck me that my little "please forgive my sins" at the end of my own prayers lacked the true emotion that this 8 year old was displaying for me. That true remorse, the deep down sorrow was lacking from my prayers. It was time for me to re-examine my prayer life.

It's amazing the things that God reveals through little children.


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