Friday, May 9, 2014

happy friday

I love Fridays. 

Here's a dozen things that I am happy about from this week:

1. Tri-tip: if you don't know what that is or are a vegetarian, I'm sorry. That is a sad thing.
2. Slushies: every Friday I pick the kids up from school and we get slushies from Sonic. The lady there knows us now...we are her "regulars."
3. Honesty: a friend who can give it and can take it.
4. High heels...I can't help it, I just do!
5. Making my son's day. Do you think I really wanted to do this?
6. Being able to make a friend laugh. Not just a little "ha!" but an out loud 10 second laugh.
7. Finding that one Pin on Pinterest that perfectly matches someone in your life.
8. Our cat's squeak. Sometimes I seek her out while she's napping just to hear her wake up and "squeak."
(Here she is ignoring me as usual)
9. Accomplished and proud piano students - I have a couple of students who have decided to share their talents in front of their classmates - this makes me so happy!!
10. Confidence - I love confident people. Someday I hope to be one.
11. Successful parenting moment - they don't happen very often but sometimes you look back at a situation with your kids and think, "Wow! I handled that like a champ!!"
12. New flowers in the yard - it feels fresh and clean and alive when the flowers are brand new.


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